Pall & Pawl

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Pall has the following meanings:-
1. To lose strength or to be tired of something: “Continuous touring job has palled my interest in visiting new places.”
“Repetitive advice of the parents often pall their children and they start turning a deaf ear to them.”
2. Something that covers up or conceals: “A pall of gloom and grief spread over the city at the death of the leader.”
3. The heavy cloth that is used to drape over a coffin in which a body is lying: “The pall covering the coffin of the old man was beautifully embroidered.”

Pawl on the other hand, means a piece of machinery that is intermeshed with another piece in a manner that causes movement in one direction: “The cog wheel of the cycle would work smoothly only if its teeth fit into the pawl properly.”

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