Peal & Peel

Peal has the following meanings:-
1. A loud sound, as of bells, thunder, or the clanging of bells: “A peal of church bells rang out the old year and rang in the new year.”
2. A loud, easily heard sound: “The hall resounded with a peal of laughter when the comedian told jokes in a very funny manner.”

Peel, on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. The skin of a fruit: “Peel of an orange can remove certain stains from clothes when rubbed on them.”
2. To cut away or to strip off the skin, covering, surface, or the outer layer of something: ” I will peel the oranges for the guests.”
“The paint is of low quality and it may peel off the walls in the rainy season.”
3. A flat shovel shaped tool used by bakers to put items into an oven or to remove them from the oven: “We should use wooden peel to stir vegetables in non – sticking pans.”

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