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Peer has the following meanings:-
1. To inspect closely and intently: “The visitors peered at the black and white photographs at the exhibition to find out what made them so charming in the era of coloured photography.”
2. Social equality based on age, grade, or status: Children should be properly and respectfully treated when they are in their peer group.”
3. A member of one of several ranks within British aristocracy: “The youngest cousin of the queen has married an English peer who has taken her to Scotland for honeymoon.”

Pier , on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. A protective structure built out over the water and supported by pillars and used as a landing place, a pleasure pavilion, or as a walk for pedestrians: “The visitors stood on the pier built at the Bombay port watching the dolphins springing up .”
2. A mass of stone, concrete, or steel used to provide support for a wall: “The bridge collapsed because one wall pier of stone and steel could not hold it weight.”

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