Perfect & Prefect

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Perfect has the following meanings:-
1. To be without fault or a defect; to be complete and faultless in all respects: “No man is perfect; all have one or the other shortcoming.”
2. Meeting ideal expectations: “The weather is perfect to go out for a picnic.”
3. An accurate reproduction: “She is a perfect copy of her mother both in looks an behaviour.”
4. To improve or to refine: “The new news reader needs to perfect her pronunciation and modulation.”

Prefect, on the other hand, has the following meanings:-
1. A student in charge of monitoring other students, typically in a private school situation: “Ram, being the senior most prefect, has been given the duty to report any act of ragging in the hostel.”
2. A high ranking officer or magistrate: “My grandfather was a prefect in the City Council in France way back in 1980, an honour no other Indian enjoyed at that time.”

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