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Protean vs Protein – Confused between Protean or Protein?

Want to learn the difference Protean and Protein? Protean vs Protein is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly. Learn the difference between these two words.
We teach you when to use protean and when to use protein.

Word 1:Protean (PROH tee uhn, proh TEE uhn)
Meaning 1: Changeable in form or able to do different things.
Example Sentence: Lupus is a protean disease which can cause inflammation in any part of the body.

Meaning 2: Something which takes on different forms.
Example Sentence: Her eyes were protean blue, never reflecting the same color again.

Word 2: Protein (PROH teen”, PROH tee in)
Meaning: A substance found in foods which is an essential part of the human diet.
Example Sentence: Fish is an excellent source of protein.

Example Sentence using both words:
The doctor suggested protean methods of cooking the same foods to get an ample amount of protein.

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