Recede, Reseed

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Word 1: Recede (ri SEED)
Meaning 1: Go or move back or further away from a previous position
Example Sentence: The flood waters receded after the rains stopped.
Meaning 2: (of a quality, feeling, or possibility) gradually diminish.
Example Sentence: The hope of reaching an agreement has receded with the passage of time.

Word 2:Reseed (ri SEED)
Meaning 1: To sow seed on again or anew.
Example Sentence: During the winter months almost all plants go to seed.

Meaning 2: Maintain by seeding without any human effort.
Example Sentence: At times, some plants reseed themselves,saving the work of the gardener.

Example Sentence using both words:
As the winter receded, the dandelions reseeded themselves.

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