Regime, Regimen & Regiment

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Word 1: Regime (ray ZHEEM, ri ZHEEM)
Meaning 1: A regular pattern of occurrence or action.
Example Sentence: Seasonal rainfall cannot be depended upon for farming.

Meaning 2: Mode of rule or management.
Example Sentence: The democratic regime is very liberal.

Word 2: Regimen (REJ uh muhn, REJ uh men”)
Meaning 1:A systematic plan (as of diet, therapy, or medication) especially when designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient.
Example Sentence: A strict regimen of diet and exercise improved his health.

Word 3: Regiment (REJ uh muhnt)
Meaning 1:A military unit consisting usually of a number of battalions.
Example Sentence: The Scottish regiment is unique in its own way.
Meaning 2: To organize rigidly especially for the sake of regulation or control.
Example Sentence: The regiment of the boarding school is very strict.
Meaning 3: To subject to order or uniformity.
Example Sentence: It is getting more and more difficult to regiment the teenagers today.

Example Sentence using all the words:
The new regime has regimented the regimen of the bureacrats.

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