Taser vs Teaser – Confused between Taser or Teaser?

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Taser vs Teaser – Confused between Taser or Teaser?

Want to learn the difference between Taser and Teaser? Taser vs Teaser is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Taser and when to use Teaser.

Word 1: Teaser (TEE zuhr)
Meaning 1: An advertisement that attracts customers by offering something extra, at a discount or free.
Example Sentence: We saw the teaser for 50% discount at Fantaloons as a part of the pre-GST sale.

Meaning 2: An attention getting episode or description presented before the start of a television show or at the end of a movie.
Example Sentence: The new Salman Khan movie’s teaser was the most acclaimed teaser of recent times.

Meaning 3: Someone who harasses another person maliciously, usually by persistently annoying.
Example Sentence: My brother is a teaser of my taste in classical music.

Word 2: Taser (TAY zuhr)
Meaning 1: A trademark name used for a high-voltage stun gun.
Example Sentence: A stun gun used by anyone is usually referred to as a taser.

Meaning 2: An electroshock weapon that uses current to disrupt the control of muscles.
Example Sentence: The police used a taser to knock down the culprit.

Example Sentence using both words:
The new movie teaser involved a fighting scene where the protagonist uses a taser to attack the antagonist.

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