Taught vs Taut vs Taunt vs Tot – Confused when to use Taught, Taut,Taunt or Tot?

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Taught vs Taut vs Taunt vs Tot – Confused when to use Taught, Taut, Taunt or Tot?

Want to learn the difference Taught, Taut,Taunt and Tot? Taught vs Taut vs Taunt vs Tot is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Taught, Taut, Taunt and Tot.

Word 1: Taught (TAWT)
Meaning 1: To guide the way in a manner for others to learn.
Example Sentence: I taught piano to people in my locality.

Meaning 2: To guide students in an academic context.
Example Sentence: My father taught high school for 10 years.

Word 2: Taut(TAWT)
Meaning 1: To maintain in a proper condition.
Example Sentence: I drive a taut scooter that rarely needs any major repairs.

Meaning 2: Characterized as being concise and controlled.
Example Sentence: I wrote a taut love letter to my girlfriend last week.

Word 3: Taunt(TAWNT)
Meaning 1: To make an insulting or sarcastic comment.
Example Sentence: My neighbour was taunting his wife about her weight when she snapped and gave him a rude reply.

Word 4: Tot(TAHT)
Meaning 1: A small child, too young to go to school.
Example Sentence: The tiny tot attends a painting class and is surprisingly very good at it.

Meaning 2: A small quantity of an alcoholic drink.
Example Sentence: I dropped a tot of wine into my friend’s glass.

Example Sentence using all the words:
My uncle has always been quite taut as he once taught his tot that it is impolite to taunt anyone.

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