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Tern vs Terne vs Turn – Confused when to use Tern, Terne, or Turn?

Want to learn the difference Tern, Terne, and Turn? TernvsTernevsTurn is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Tern, Terne and Turn.


Word 1: Tern (TURN)
Meaning 1: Any of the various sea birds that are similar to gulls but are small and have forked tails.
Example Sentence: I watched the tern fly in groups in beautiful patterns one evening.

Word 2: Terne(TURN)
Meaning 1: An alloy coating made of zinc and lead, used for covering steel.
Example Sentence: I spent this summer in a foundry learning about the formula to produce terne.

Word 3: Turn(TURN)
Meaning 1: To go for a short walk.
Example Sentence: As soon as it stopped raining ,I took a turn in the garden.

Meaning 2: To do something alternately.
Example Sentence: Kale and I took turns on the swing so that both of us spent equal time on it.

Meaning 3: To take an unexpected change in direction of something.
Example Sentence: After the interval, the movie took an unexpected turn to something that nobody could have imagined.

Meaning 4: To change slowly.
Example Sentence: The weather is expected to turn hot and sunny over a period of one month.

Meaning 5: To ask for help or assistance.
Example Sentence: Everybody turns to their family in times of crisis.

Example Sentence using all the words:
My conversation with Sam took an unexpected turn, when he told me he had learnt the formula of terne from his aunt, who was uneducated and spent most of her time sitting in the garden watching the terns fly.

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