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Their vs There vs They’re – Confused when to use Their, There, or They’re?

Want to learn the difference Their, There, and They’re? TheirvsTherevsThey’re is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Their, There and They’re.


Word 1: Their (THAIR)
Meaning 1: Belonging to or relating to, them.
Example Sentence:My friends have probably left their wallets at my place.

Word 2: There(THAIR)
Meaning 1: To indicate the position of a person in a space.
Example Sentence: My mum told me,” Please keep the table there by the window.”

Meaning 2: An expression of accomplishment for something which once made you feel frustrated.
Example Sentence: There, the internship work is finally done within two hours.

Meaning 3: At a juncture in a process or activity.
Example Sentence: My sister told me,” Stop right there with the food, before you gain those pounds again.”

Meaning 4: To introduce a sentence where subject comes after the verb.
Example Sentence: There is nothing I can do about the exam once I am done with it.

Meaning 5: To show approval or satisfaction.
Example Sentence: There, the homework is finally finished and you helped with the content.

Word 3: They’re(THAIR)
Meaning 1: Used as a short form of they are.
Example Sentence: I bought new clothes for friends today. I hope they’re happy to receive that.

Example Sentence using all the words:
They’re taking their shoes off over there.

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