Us vs. Them: How the ‘ULTIMATE RC-VA COURSE’ differs from Regular Coaching?

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Well, one way of looking at the CAT RC-VA Course is through the conventional lens of CAT Coaching and what is taught in these classes. Having been part of this industry and seen the ins and outs of the same, I can easily summarize how RCs are taught in the coaching classroom:

a. Generic Statements which make no difference to your RC preparation
You are given maximum three to four classes for Reading Comprehensions, where you are provided some basic concepts and given some RCs to practice in every class. Most of the concepts given to you consist of generic guidelines such as skim through the passage or reading is important or approach a question this way or that way. Follow up on these skills? Non-existent.

b. Advice for Reading?
Read ‘The Hindu’ every day. Seriously, most places have this to recommend for your reading. Read a leading national and that is it. What to do on a daily basis? No advice. Where to expose oneself to a diverse set of topics? No advice again. We fix with daily reading inputs.

c. What if there are doubts in explanations provided by the institute?
Most teachers at most places, come hell or high water (that is, whatever may be your reasoning), simply ignore to take up extra student doubts or explain language structures and reasoning operating behind specific questions. Most of them have set explanations for set questions and they refuse to alter these or change these. End result: your confusions never end and you never truly learn the art of logically arriving at RC and Verbal Ability answers.

How do we approach this? Very simple. You are free to ask your questions and we engage in discussions till you are convinced. And yes, we are human too and therefore, completely open to feedback and course correction when needed. No ego comes into play when we discuss questions.

d. What about the diverse set of topics that feature in CAT RCs?
Well, they tell you that passages feature from philosophy, sociology, psychology, science, technology, etc. but that is it. What should you do about this fact? Well, good luck with it.
What do we do for this problem? We have an Editor’s Pick section dealing with 20 such areas and we provide classes for each of these topics, explaining whatever you need to know about these topics. In short, no short-cuts or half-measures adopted.

e. What about the class atmosphere during RC and VA classes?
This is a two-way problem. Teachers lack genuine knowledge and content; students lack the motivation to sit through RC and VA classes. End result: a boring and drab exercise that one wishes ends as soon as possible.
What do we do one the other hand? Have an engaging session which consists of short videos, tips, inputs, motivation and very focused practice questions, leading to extremely engaging and at times, intense discussions. The overall community pushes you to learn better and you won’t even realize when our stipulated two-hour classes get extended. You would be surprised that RC and VA discussions could be so engaging.

Well, then what are you waiting for? We have given you enough reasons to join our course, right?

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