Vocabulary for CAT: Words used to compliment

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Vocabulary for CAT: Words used to compliment

Learning vocabulary for CAT and other competitive exams like SNAP, XAT, IIFT, etc need not be challenging, boring or mundane. We at Wordpandit believe that learning and especially learning Vocabulary for CAT should be fun and as closely related to our practical life as possible. To meet this end, here is an article that will help you learn vocabulary for CAT by listing down words that can be used to compliment others.

In today’s time, everything is and can be described as awesome. Awesome is the most used and abused word we use to compliment others. Let’s put in a little more effort and try and use some other appropriate words for the same. Also, you don’t need to use big paragraphs or lines to compliment someone.Sometimes it is best to keep it short. Not every compliment has to be novel length in order to get your point across. Sometimes less is more. And sometimes less is also appreciated more.

Vocabulary for CAT:List of words used to compliment others

Here are some of the best one-word compliments to use to get your point across without having to spell your thoughts using big statements which don’t have that impact as one liners.
1. Stunning: When you call someone stunning, you’re essentially telling them that they are exceptionally attractive that you’re blown away or ‘stunned’ by their looks.
2. Charming: The first image that comes to one’s mind is of a prince charming. This word makes one feel like a prince. Charming also eludes to one’s personality and goes beyond looks.
3. Enticing: This word is a little intense and implies that one is attractive in a tempting way/
4. Breathtaking: When someone is so beautiful that they take our breaths away. There was a time when the whole world went gaga over Aishwarya Rai for her breathtaking beauty.
5. Fetching: Sounds a bit goofy. Particularly used to tell someone when they are well dressed.
6. Intriguing: When someone is intriguing, they have some genuine mystery about them and have a natural way of pulling people in towards them.
7. Sultry: When you tell someone that they’re “sultry” you are telling them that they’re really attractive, but also passionate.
8. Striking: Striking is one of the best compliments if you want to describe someone’s uniqueness and how it imbibes into their personality being very attractive.
9. Polished: Not “clean and shiny” , Polished means that someone is so well put together that they have a certain way of conduct which is very attractive.
10. Ravishing: It’s the perfect word to use when someone is dressed very nicely and looks very attractive.
11. Suave: Usually used to describe a man- who has charm, elegance and gentleman quality. A man who is well put together and knows what he is doing.
12.Captivating: When someone just opens their mouth and the whole crowd listens with no disruption in attention, such is the quality of a captivating personality. When someone just walks in the room and every head gets turn in their direction.
13. Tantalizing: When someone is teasingly attractive and you just can’t help but keep wondering about them.
14. Amusing: When someone makes things fun and interesting. When you’re never bored in their company and always have something to look forward to.
15. Enchanting: When there is something absolutely magical and unreal about someone, that their one look is enough to hold you captive.

So next time use words from this vocabulary for CAT : List of words used to compliment instead of long paragraphs to get your point across and have fun while doing it. Hope you guys enjoyed the article. ☺

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