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Article Name:The Underside of Uber
Author Name:Lucy P Marcus
Source: Project Syndicate
Category: Business and Finance

Summary for this article:

We all commute to different places with extreme ease, as cab booking unlike earlier times has become immediate and at the click of a button, not to mention UBER cannot be missed here. And many of us are definitely aware of the various ethical breaches that the company had undergone

In this article, the writer says how after many ethical breaches, dubious behaviour, breach of privacy, harassment cases, mistreating drivers and deceiving the local government regulators, UBER still continued to march forward undeterred without any stop signal from its investors for a long time.

And now finally after firing the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, Uber’s board members and its investors are receiving laurels. But the author is not very positive of the praise that the target party is receiving; for according to her this move was a long delayed one for all the wrong reasons.

While Uber’s board has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to review concerns surrounding the company, there are doubts if the company would really be committed to change.

The author concludes by saying that the company needs a complete change in order to rebuild its trust with its customers, drivers, partners and lawmakers. If the leadership is committed to completely transform the company and take it the level of trust, then this would definitely be one of the turnaround stories of our time, failing which Uber could easily be an acquisition target or become a zombie company.

Words to learn from this article:

Root and branch: Completely or thoroughly
Behemoth: Something that is very huge and powerful
Dubious: Feeling doubtful about something
Entwined: To weave something together
Entrenched: To firmly establish something, especially a habit, an idea or a belief such that it becomes difficult or very unlikely to be changed

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name:Revisiting the Global Order
Author name:Javier Solana
Source: Project Syndicate
Category: World Affairs

Summary for this article:

In this article, the author points out the growing disharmony and uncertainty in the global order.
The US supremacy and its role in achieving relative international peace is now shaking with Trump’s America alone policy taking the front seat.

With the American status of being indispensable now eroding, the other nations are gaining prominence. But what does this mean to the international order? The author says that China and the EU can act as positive and responsible stakeholders in such a state of uncertainty.

He then talks about how the US supremacy is diminishing. The Brexit happening followed by the American election shows the frustration with some economic and social effects of globalization. The author goes ahead talking about Chinadistancing from the Trump administration and how the OBOR project reflects China’s strategic choice to strengthen commercial links with Eurasia and Africa. The BRI forum saw the commitment of more than 30 countries and international organisations in promoting peace, justice etc.

The author finally concludes favouring the EU in taking the lead role in this state of unrest. The author believes that the united EU can help catalyse reforms and thereby bring a new source of energy to the ailing multilateral institutions.

Words to learn from this article:

Burgeoning: To grow or expand rapidly
Enshrine: To place something precious or important in a special place as if it were holy
Hegemony: Dominance
Mercantilism: A system in which a nation tries to grow wealthy by participating in trade with other countries, increasing its exports more than the imports and increasing reserves of gold and other precious metals
Monolith: A single large block of stone serving as a pillar or a monument.
Reinvigorate: To make someone feel heathier and happier by giving them new strength and energy.

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Medical Disrespect
Author name:Ilana Yurkiewicz
Source: Aeon
Category: Health Policy and Economics

Summary for this article:

In this lovely piece of writing, the writer talks about the bullying culture prevalent in the hospitals in the US.

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The article says how the berating nature of the medical professionals up in the hierarchy to their lower level colleagues, is bringing a patient’s life at stake. Often when a resident is witnessed by critiques from an attending physician, he is found to hold back questions and giving off vibes of uncertainty; the nurse in turn is hesitant to approach the resident who is swamped with paperwork, to report him about the Patient’s deteriorating condition. This entire culture of disrespect has a huge negative impact at the patient.

The author through a number of studies, proves how a disrespectful medical culture has negative results not only in the learning curves of the new interns, practitioners and nurses but also on the patients.

He then gives an account of his experience in medical teams that worked quite the opposite way. Though everyone here were aware of his/her own position in the hierarchy; there was open communication between the lower and upper members in the hierarchy; for patients came before pride.

The author concludes by saying that things should change the way they have been functioning in hospitals where people at higher levels demean the ones at the lower levels. Change should emerge within the hospitals; encouraging trainees for honest communications and keeping their egos on check will cultivate good behaviour from the start; putting an end to egoistic environment and doing what is best. Finally getting to the root of such behaviour are the key solutions to address this problem

Words to learn from this article:

Berate: To yell at someone
Wrathful: Filled with extreme anger
Flagrant: Too bad to be ignored
Platitude: Cliché
Distended: Increased in size and volume; swollen
Egalitarian(noun): Someone who advocates the principles of equality for all people and is a strong supporter of this
Gruff: A rough or a husky voice
Jaded: Showing lack of interest in something after having experienced too much of something.

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