Data Interpretation (Level-1): Set-13

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Directions : The pie-chart given below shows the number of students enrolled in a school in different activities. Total number of students in the school is 1200. Study the chart and answer the questions.

Question 1: How many students are enrolled in N.C.C activities?
(a) 180
(b) 120
(c) 72
(d) 240

Question 2: What is the total number of students enrolled in Debating club and HRD Club?
(a) 144
(b) 216
(c) 288
(d) 72

Question 3: The number of students enrolled in Eco-club is what per cent of those enrolled in Red-cross activities?
(a) 94.24%
(b) 95.45%
(c) 82.45%
(d) 104.76%

Question 4: What is the ratio of number of students enrolled in Scout and Red-cross activities together to those enrolled in Debating club activities?
(a) 3: 1
(b) 4: 1
(c) 1: 4
(d) 1: 3

Question5: Which two clubs have the enrolment in the ratio of 2: 1?
(a) Eco club, HRD club
(b) Eco club, N.C.C
(c) HRD club, Eco club
(d) Debating club, Eco club

Answers and Explanations

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