Data Interpretation (Level-1): Set-37

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Directions: The pie chart given below shows the spending of a family on various heads during a month. Study the graph and answer the following questions.

Question 1: If the total income of the family is Rs.25000, then the amount spent on Rent and Food together is:
(a) Rs.17250
(b) Rs.14750
(c) Rs.11250
(d) Rs.8500

Question 2: What is the ratio of the expenses on Education to the expenses on Food?
(a) 1: 3
(b) 3: 1
(c) 3: 5
(d) 5: 3

Question 3: The expenditure on Rent is what percent of expenditure on Fuel?
(a) 135%
(b) 156%
(c) 167%
(d) 172%

Question 4: Which three expenditures together have a central Angle of 108°?
(a) Fuel, Clothing and Others
(b) Fuel, Education and Others
(c) Clothing, Rent and others
(d) Education, Rent and Others

Answers and Explanations

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