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Directions for the Questions:

The pie-chart given here shows expenditures incurred by a family on various items and their savings.

The total savings is Rs. 8000 in a month.

Study the chart and answer the questions based on the pie-chart.

Bank PO , SSC, CDS, Data Interpretation pie charts set 9

Question 1: How much expenditure is incurred on education?
(a) Rs.3000
(b) Rs.5000
(c) Rs.4000
(d) Rs.7000

Question 2: The ratio of the expenditure on food to the savings is
(a) 3: 2
(b) 2: 1
(c) 4: 3
(d) 3: 4

Question 3: What is the total expenditure of the family for the month?
(a) Rs.40000
(b) Rs.48000
(c) Rs.45000
(d) Rs.50000

Question 4: How much more amount is spent on food than on housing?
(a) Rs.1000
(b) Rs.3000
(c) Rs.2000
(d) Rs.2500

Answers and Explanations

Answer 1: (c)

The total savings is Rs 8000.

As the central angle of savings is 600,

So the total of expenditure and savings combined is = (8000/60) x 360 = Rs. 48000

Therefore, expenditure is = 48000 – 8000 = Rs. 40000

Now the central angle of education is 300.

Remember, the pie-chart combines savings and expenditure, and we need to use the total to calculate other expenses.

Hence, the expenditure on education = (48000/360) x30 = Rs. 4000

Answer 2: (b)

As the data is given in terms of a pie chart, so to find the required ratio, we can use the values directly from the pie chart.

The central angles of food and savings are 1200 and 600 respectively.

Hence, the required ratio is 120: 60 = 2: 1.

The correct option is (b)

Answer 3: (a)

The total savings is Rs 8000.

As the central angle of savings is 600, so the total of expenditure and savings is

= (8000/60)x360 = Rs. 48000

Now, in order to calculate the expenditure, we need to subtract savings from the above total.

Deducing Rs. 8000, we get Rs. 40000 as the solution.

Answer 4: (c)

The total savings is Rs 8000.

As the central angle of savings is 600, so the total expenditure is = (8000/60)x360 = Rs. 48000

The difference between the central angles of food and housing is 150.

Hence, the required difference in expenditures = (48000/360)x 15 = Rs. 2000

The correct option is (c)

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