Facts of the Week April 16 to 23, 2015

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The Weekly Update consisting of Important News, Events, Facts and Achievements. Browse Regularly for Strengthening your General Knowledge, and staying abreast with what is happening around you. 

National Political News:

1. Anti-National Elements lead by Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Masarat Alam raise the Pro Pakistan pitch in J&K. Syed Ali Shah Geelani is a hard liner Hurriyat separatist leader. Masarat Alam had been recently released by J&K govt. after being in detention for a number of years for anti-India activities. Pakistani flags and Pro Pakistan slogans have been raised in Srinagar by these elements and their supporters. The central govt. has asked the J&K Chief Minister to act against these Anti-National elements. Jammu region is witnessing sharp protests against these separatists and the PDP -BJP govt. in Kashmir. J&K govt. disallows a march by these elements to Tral in South Kashmir to protest against the security forces.

2. RBI governor Raghu Ram Rajan has got a death threat from a source proclaiming to be ISIS representatives through an e-mail. Proxy internet protocol was used to send the email. The security of the RBI governor has been enhancedby the Government.

3. The much awaited return by the Congress cadres of Rahul Gandhi to Indian shores has fructified. Rahul Gandhi was reported to be on a meditation trip to Myanmar.

4. A new political alignment has taken place lead by Mulayam Singh Yadav and known as Janta Parivar. Nitin Kumar, Deve Gowda, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Sharad Yadav are the other notable leaders in this political outfit.

International Political News:

1. PM Modi strikes a positive cord at the Hannover trade fare in Germany. In Berlin, Narendra Modi tries to forge an enduring relationship with Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel on the theme of Make in India and FDI in various Indian projects.
In Ottawa, Canada, PM Modi at an Madison square like event told the Indian diaspora, that he pledges to clean the mess left behind by the UPA govt. and change the country’s image from one of scam driven to a skilled nation.
Canadian company Cameco to start supplying uranium as a result of the PM Modi’s intercession with the Canadian Govt.on the issue during his visit. The supplies of uranium shall begin in the second half of the current year. However, Cameco shall strictly monitor the end use of the uranium supplied.

2. Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton and former Governor of New York and as well as former Secretary of state in the Obama administration has declared her candidature for the next American Presidential elections in 2016. The American presidential election is the costliest election of the world and the system of funding which goes with it also invokes considerable interest.

3. Iran calls for a new govt. in Yemen. A political transition is called for by them as a solution to the ongoing conflict.

4. Pakistan Panjab govt. challenges the release of Rahman Lakhvi on bail in the Pakistan Supreme Court.

Business News:

1. A sharp fall is there in the Indian equity market over the MAT issue. FII’s have resorted to selling the stocks held by them in the Indian equity market.

2. Moody’s – an international rating agency has analysed that Indian GDP shall growth by over 7.5 % in FY 16. The World Bank has also given a similar forecast for growth of Indian Economy.

3. India’s biggest petrochemical company RIL has posted a record profit margin for the fourth quarter of FY-16. Their refining margins of crude oil have increased to over $10 a barrel.

4. The need for the net neutrality law is gaining momentum and the clamour to enact such laws which are there in the pro net neutrality nations, like US, Chile and Brazil.
Free twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp can be tweaked by the telecom companies in the absence of the net neutrality law.
Slow down on internet or applications on the internet can suffer in the absence of net neutrality law. Current situation is akin to license quota system of exploitation.
Microsoft and other internet/software companies are up against the top internet provider in Europe. Its tactics they say are discriminatory and the use by it of the contents of publishers, professionals, designers etc. can be there without check.
The Indian telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad while at Digital India program has advocated net neutrality.
On the issue of Net neutralty in the Airtel zero, fund rich E-commerce firm Flipkart has walked out of a tie up with Bharti Airtel  by unloading Bharti Airtel shares in Open market. Flipkart wanted to subsidise the applications to its users on the Airtel Zero platform which, however, resulted in a backlash from its client/users.
Web users are fighting for a an open internet on an alternative technology that provides connectivity without internet or mobile coverage which is  gaining ground and is called mesh networks. It envisages the use of smart phones to connect to one and other via Bluetooth, and peer to peer Wi-Fi.

Science and Technology:

1. At the national conference on climate change in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore the following issues were need to be dwelt on scientifically:

2. Distribution of heat between oceans and atmosphere.

3. Carbon Dioxide levels.

4. Cloud formation and rail fall.

5. Earth temperature.

6. Melting of the polar ice caps.


1. The Azlan Shah cup hockey tournament being played in Ipoh, Malaysia has concluded, with New Zealand defeating Australia in the finals 3-1 to emerge as the champions.
India secured the third position by beating South Korea 4-1 in the penalty shootout after both the sides were locked 2-2 during the regulation time.

2. Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai was won by England’s Lewis Hamilton driving a Mercedes car. He was followed at the second spot by Nico Rosberg of Germany again in a Mercedes car. The third spot was won by Sebastian Vettel of Germany in a Ferrari car.

3. An England -West Indies Cricket test series is underway in the West Indies. In the first test at St.John’s (Antigua), England scored 399 all out and 333 for seven in the first and second innings respectively. West Indies had replied with 294 in the first innings and 350 for seven in the second innings. For England the top scorers were Bell with 143 and Balance with 122 in the first and the second innings. West Indies top scorers were Blackwood 112 and Jason Holder 103 not out in the first and the second innings respectively.

4. At the American Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, USA, Jordan Spieth of Germany at 21 years of age became the champion. He has only been preceded  by Tiger Woods at 21 years age to become the champion at the Masters.

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