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Article Title: You can easily learn to be a minimalist


Article Summary

The article at hand is a vociferous endorsement of the minimalist way of living, and elucidates why and how the common man should take it up as well. Minimalism is defined by it as the sufficiency of, and hence having the need to acquire, less of everything of material value, like wealth and possessions. It also involves denying oneself bodily comforts, providing the additional advantage of making humans self-sufficient as they will learn to live on very less available resources. The Indian civilization, through its living and fictional heroes, has practiced this successfully for long, and it gives the compounded gains of less effort required to sustain greed, good feeling from helping the needy, and allover improved mental health through satisfaction. The author compares Indian minimalism with Western ‘maximalism’ as he calls it, and discovers that the fault of not being minimalist of modern Indians in not their fault alone – they were brought up to adore material excess by preceding generations. What they do not realize is that by a natural law, successive material possessions give progressively lessened satisfaction, while strain from having to acquire larger assets constantly increases. However, help to break away from this toxic cycle is at hand – the author says readers can successfully start being minimalistic by donating excess products starting this day, and assures them that the payoffs shall be worth their while.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Maxim: a saying, often witty, generally regarded as voicing something that is true.

Vicious: dangerous and hateful.

Spree: a period of continued committing of some sort of activity.

Incontrovertible: not able to be doubted, absolutely true.

Liberated: freed, no longer held captive.


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