Free Daily Reads 2022: Article 215

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Article Title: An Ode To Toni Morrison From A Black Journalist Who Dared To Dream Because She Did


Article Summary

The article at issue serves as an exalted tribute to late African-American Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison, in which the author holds forth on the many exact reasons Morrison is close to her heart. Morrison had a whole oeuvre of achievements to call her own – she had penned more than ten full length novels, been adapted into films, been honoured by US Presidents, and also with the Nobel Prize. Some of the key points that stand out while remarking about her is the lack of anxiety she had when it came to appeasing white critics – she owned the Black-centric nature of her works, in a way powerful enough to encourage millions of underprivileged others to do the same. While her life held numerous valuable lessons, those she actively sent out into the world through her fiction and non-fiction writings were equally valuable. A life lived first in crippling poverty and oppression, and then in loneliness around the time her career took off, the ways she handled these situations hold teachings for the common folk. However, once established, she never forgot her roots, generously looking to solidify the careers of up and coming Black authors, and sending messages through her writings that made readers actually want to take up the fight for valiant causes. In her final adieu from this world, the author thanks Morrison for her contributions to language and the life of the mind.

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Words to learn from this article:

Revered: esteemed, respected.

Unapologetically: with no sense of guilt or shame, very confidently.

Validation: appraisal or approval as worthy or legitimate.

Profound: very deep.

Embedded: buried in or encapsulated by.

Wordsmith: someone who has a way with words, is a frequent writer, or writes for a living.

Transcends: overcomes the boundaries of.


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