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The Earth abounds with heavenly treasures: Getting star-struck by sona-chandi


Article Summary

The article at issue informs the reader that the earth is rich in precious-metal bounty from the heavens above, in a style straight from religious lore-books. In The Bible, a division of worlds was made between God and Julius Caesar – and if that indeed happened, says the author, Caesar’s mortal world, the Earth, has been generously blessed in stores of gold and platinum from the heavens above. They were obtained from stars. When very old and very large stars combusted under pressure, they released elements like gold which came splashing on ancient Earth like treasure rainfall. Several bodies of scientific research have backed these claims up as genuine. The author says that such a discovery might lend widespread credence to religious preaching and belief, which says that the earth was blessed to a very advanced degree by the gods above. However, says the author, before we take such blessings for granted, at their face value, we must always take the nature of gods and divine gifts with a pinch of salt, and exercise caution.


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Words to learn from this article:

Injunction: decree.

Render: make into a different version of.

Domain: realm.

Supernovae: stars that suddenly become much brighter because of an explosion that causes the loss of a lot of mass.

Stellar: connected with, or involving, stars.


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