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Article Title: Dear middle-class parents, if your child wants education that will cost you a kidney, it is surely not worth it


Article Summary

The article at issue offers a reality check for Indian parents on the issue of sending their children abroad to earn extremely overpriced but professionally redundant education. Whenever admission season rounds the annual corner, parents ask the author for advice on education abroad. However, they have already made up their minds and have nothing new they will listen to. Their pitches to the author run something hence: their children are seeking admission in a not-known overseas varsity for a professional course of little employment value. Does the author think the decision is worth spending crores on, as the fees demand? The author, without mincing any words, types out his reply for once and for all: no. He thinks they are wasting their money. The parents may think their child has done research and is going to a very opportune place, but he probably did sloppy research and is under dire peer pressure. He may also be taking his parents for granted. The blame is also not his alone – Indian parents often think that only life abroad is worth living, and that belief percolates to the next generation. This belief also is far from the truth, elucidates the author – societies abroad are equally abominable for Indian kids due to growing racism, and low-achieving children just have money extracted from them for education to fund scholarships for the truly meritorious, with shrinking foreigner acceptance all over the world. In light of these circumstances, the author reiterates that he does not think foreign education worth crores of lakhs is worth it.


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Words to learn from this article:

Resolve: provide a solution for something.

Prone: more inclined to do something, or more vulnerable to some danger.

Grudge: long-living anger directed towards someone or something, for offenses in the past.

Candid: frank, honest and uninhibited.

Prohibitive: restrictive.


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