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Article Title: Make liberation your highest ideal


Article Summary

The article at hand comments on the nature of the highest level of desire man can hope to indulge in. This article was written in the wake of student suicide news flooding the country, and it tries to find the motivation behind, and cure for, such a situation. The author finds that extreme and unhealthy competition is to blame. In a world where living has become a race in which to defeat others, people are trapped in the intense pressure to keep moving and out-performing. This is bad, remarks the author, this trend of deriving happiness from the failures and tragedies in others’ lives. We should ideally be concerned with our own performances, and stop obsessing over results. The end goal of this race is to have a life better than we already do – as in the practices of both religion and addiction. People want to live life in higher resolution, just through differing means. Also, they have no idea what the higher, better life is – what if their present circumstances were the highest the universe had to offer? They still would not be satisfied with their lot. Thus, the author is bound to conclude, it is not some kind of Utopia that we want, any kind of “Heaven” – we want unlimited freedom, at the end of the day, to be able to obtain more things than we currently have, whether for better or worse. And we can begin to go closer to having it by having unlimited desire to achieve and do good, and realizing that the complete agency is in our own hands.


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Words to learn from this article:

Gloat: speak with, or display, much pride.

Ecstasy: perfect happiness, euphoria, bliss.

Optimal: ideal according to the resources of something.

Liberation: freedom from constraints.

Stimuli: something in an organism’s external or internal environment that produces a change in it, or incites it to do something.



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