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Article Title: Nuclear power is not the answer in a time of climate change


Article Summary

The article at hand argues that nuclear power usage is not a viable option towards climate improvement, and outlines the various risks the step poses. Starting with the example of a nuclear fire in USA’s California, the authors elucidate how impactful nuclear fires are. A major risk run by nuclear use is the tendency of them to cause and sustain large fires, say the authors, and those fires can easily be sustained in the increasingly warming and drying climate of the world today. Radioactive waste is not easy to manage, and can be carried miles to residential areas to harm humans, another pitfall of nuclear power use. Nuclear residue stored in glaciers, are flowing out to oceans, resulting in acid rain, causing widespread harm to the climate and humans. Also, nuke-use harms coastal water and shorelines, and the people inhabiting them, when an increasing number of nuclear plants are built near seas. Nuclear power has also been found to be more expensive and time-consuming to use compared to alternative energy resources, and old nuclear apparatus, making up the bulk of nuclear power in the world today, is outdated and dangerous. Unless all these factors can be changed, nuclear power isn’t a lucrative option environmentally.


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Words to learn from this article:

Exacerbating: making a bad situation worse.

Vicious: severe, cruel and wicked.

Incurred: earned some unpleasant end through one’s own actions.

Catastrophic: very destructive on a wide scale.

Proponents: people who advocate for some cause.

Abatement: ending something.

Proliferation: the sudden and very swift rise in the use or quantity of something.

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