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Article Title: The importance of being happy


Article Summary

This article titled ‘the importance of being happy’ explains how people can manage their stresses and remain happy in their daily life. The problem a lot of people face is how to handle many sufferings at the same time. The solution to this given by the author is that if you want to be strong enough to handle suffering, you have to learn how to nourish and heal yourself. In order not to be overwhelmed by many things at the same time, we have to learn how to nourish ourselves to be strong enough for these difficult moments.

The article further adds that to make our daily life nourishing and healing we should practise mindfulness during our daily chores. Mindfulness practice helps us recognise the moments of happiness that are possible in our daily life. Something as simple as focussing on your breath would help you feel happy. The most important message from this article is the fact that you must focus on the process. So, breathing in, you should feel calm, peaceful and happy the whole time you are breathing in, not just when you finished breathing in. The article concludes that the fact is that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Overwhelm: have a strong emotional effect on.

Nourish: Provide with nourishment

Suffering: A state of acute pain

Postpone: Hold back to a later time

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