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Article Title: Place of religion in a modern, secular society


Article Summary

The article at hand is an exhortation of the positives of religion, and presents several ways in which the modern technology-brandishing population can get help from those. The author says that in the current climate of atheism, culling a few positives from religion will lead to widespread betterment. One of the major problems in the world today is a lack of retention – caught in a web of multitasking, humans are liable to forget the fine points of even their favorite pieces of entertainment or wisdom. Religion can remedy this – it provides wonderful means to hold information in the brain for long, and it offers nuggets of wisdoms par excellence which will benefit everyone remembering. Another benefit of religion is the sense of community it affords. When connected via technology in chat rooms and social media, people hardly feel like they are among kin, says the author. But religion, in places and amid environments of gathering, has a wonderful way of creating family feeling among believers, all while working towards the betterment of the world at large. All this combined may make religion worth at least consideration in today’s world, opines the author.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Agnostics: people who claim to not know whether God exists.

Dissipated: diffuses, fades out slowly.

Engenders: brings about, encourages.

Existential: relating to the fact of existence of something.

Ambience: the surroundings and general aura around a place.

Hallowed: greatly praised, highly regarded.

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