GK Current Affairs Quiz: May 13th, 2023

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Current Affairs Quiz 13th May 2023

Directions for the quiz:

1. This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz 13th May 2023, is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.

2. Current Affairs Quiz 13th May 2023 is designed to check your Current Affairs General Knowledge and provide you with an assessment of the same.

3. Each question in Current Affairs Quiz 13th May 2023 followed by 4 options. Select the most appropriate option for the question.

4. Before you take this quiz, we would recommend to you to go through the article,Daily Current Affairs Today 13th May 2023


Question 1:

Which state in India has introduced drone surveillance in all of its police districts?

A) Karnataka

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Maharashtra

D) Kerala

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D
  • Explanation: Kerala is recognized as the inaugural state in India to have introduced drone surveillance throughout all its police districts, as cited in the article.


Question 2:

Who was acknowledged as a ‘global sensation’ on the recent edition of TIME magazine’s cover?

A) Pinarayi Vijayan

B) Deepika Padukone

C) Arif Mohammad Khan

D) Elon Musk

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B
  • Explanation: The famed Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, was spotlighted on the latest cover of TIME magazine, where she was celebrated as an international luminary, accentuating Bollywood’s prominence on the global stage.


Question 3:

What is the anticipated launch year for the space station project by the space startup, Vast, in alliance with SpaceX?

A) 2025

B) 2030

C) 2023

D) 2021

Answer and Explanation

Answer: A
  • Explanation: According to the information given, the space-centric startup, Vast, is gearing up to dispatch their space station into orbit by the culmination of 2025, in collaboration with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.


Question 4:

Why was Canara Bank subjected to a penalty by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

A) They evaded tax obligations.

B) They were involved in deceitful transactions.

C) They transgressed various guidelines, notably not anchoring interest rates to external benchmarks.

D) Their capital reserves were found insufficient.

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C
  • Explanation: As cited in the information, RBI imposed a penalty on Canara Bank due to their failure to comply with multiple regulatory norms, particularly not connecting interest rates to external benchmarks and unlawfully initiating savings accounts for non-qualifying entities.


Question 5:

When was the World Migratory Bird Day first commemorated?

A) 2018

B) 1994

C) 2023

D) 2006

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D
  • Explanation: As indicated in the article, World Migratory Bird Day was initiated in the year 2006. This event was a collaborative venture between the Secretariat of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) and the Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).
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