Indict is legal word and its usage revolves around legal aspects.  Its word that is used repreadtedly in newspapers. A google search of the word would return you these results:

  • Indian-origin student indicted in roommate’s suicide case
  • Pak-origin Chicago cab driver indicted for supporting al-Qaeda
  • Man indicted in death of abducted child’s mother

In each of the above cases, the person has been charged of wrongdoing. Please remember, to indict is to formally accuse someone (that is in court or before a formal authority) and does not mean that the person is guilty.

The dictionary definitions for Indicted are as follows:
1. To accuse of wrongdoing; charge: a book that indicts modern values.
2. Law: To make a formal accusation or indictment against (a party) by the findings of a jury, especially a grand jury.

Word in Context:

The following is an extract from The Washington Post used for educational purposes: 

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