List of Awards and Fields

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Worldwide valuable citizens are facilitated with awards with utmost care and dignity. The power of man and his contribution towards the society makes it a better place to live in. From making films to the service of the nation, the achievement awards aim at acknowledging the best. These awards are given each year to deserving humans of the universe to acknowledge their contribution and their hard work in their respected field. Questions from this category have been the favourite of examiners in exams including Banking, defence, management, Railways and other government services and without this, the general awareness section remains vague. Therefore, we are providing a list of all the famous awards given worldwide along with their respected fields:

1. Oscar – Film
2. Dada Sahib Phalke – Film
3. Grammy – Music
4. Pulitzer – Journalism and Literature
5. Arjun – Sports
6. Bowelay – Agriculture
7. Kalinga – Science (by UNESCO)
8. Dhanwantri – Medical Science
9. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar – Science
10. Nobel Prize – (6 Different Categories) Peace, Literature, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science
11. Abel – Maths
12. Merlin – Magic
13. Bharat Ratna – Art, Science, Public Service, Sports
14. Vyas Samman – Literature
15. Bihari Award – Literature
16. Saraswati Samman – Literature
17. Man Booker – Literature
18. Vachspati Samman Sanskrit – Literature
19. ParamVir Chakra – Military
20. Juliet Curie Award – Peace
21. Dronacharya Award – Sports Coaches
22. Sahitya Akademi Award – Literary
23. Kalidas Samman – Classical Music, Classical Dance and Arts (Madhya Pradesh)
24. Tansen Award – Music
25. Pampa Award – Highest literary award of Karnataka
26. Kanakshree Award – Literature awards by Karnataka
27. Awadh Samman – Government of Uttar Pradesh
28. Gomant Vibhushan Award – the highest civilian honour of the State of Goa
29. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award – Sports (by Punjab Government)
30. Nandi Awards – Telgu Cinema (by Andhra & Telangana Government)
31. Tansen Samman – Classical Music (Madhya Pradesh)
32. Kabir Samman – literature (Madhya Pradesh)
33. Kumar Gandharva Award – Classical Music (Madhya Pradesh)
34. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna(RGKR) – Sports
35. Indira Gandhi Prize – Peace, Disarmament and Development
36. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Prize – Humanity ,Social Activities
37. Anand Coomaraswamy Fellowships – Literature
38. Padma Vibhushan— Second degree honour.
39. Padma Bhushan— Third degree honour.
40. Padma Shri— Fourth degree honour.
41. ParamVir Chakra— Highest military award
42. MahaVir Chakra–second highest military
43. Vir Chakra– Third in precedence in the awards for wartime gallantry.
44. Ramon Magsaysay Award(Philippines) – The awards are given in six categories

45. Aga khan Architecture Award– Architecture



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