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Logical reasoning for SNAP : Practice that you need for logical reasoning for SNAP Exam

Please note that the SNAP Test not only tests your skills and knowledge but it also tests your speed as you supposed to attempt 115 questions in 120 minutes. The logical reasoning for SNAP exam tests your logical and analytical abilities and it comprises of 30 questions of 1.5 marks each along with negative marking of 25% [Total section marks = 45]. Now, knowing what is being tested in this section of logical reasoning for SNAP exam, the next step is getting to know the syllabus and exam pattern. Cover the entire syllabus and understand every concept that is a part of it. After you gain a good understanding of these important things mentioned above, practice well under each topic. These sets will help you analyze problem statements and develop a logical thinking plan to solve them. The solutions are apt and to the point, helping you identify the short approaches to solve problems of varied kinds.

Directions for the question set:
Each question is followed by two statements, A and B. Answer each question using the following} instructions.
Choose 1. If the question can be answered by using statement A alone but not by using B alone.
Choose 2. If the question can be answered by using statement B alone but not by using A alone. Choose 3. If the question can be answered by using either statement alone.
Choose 4. If the question can be answered by using both the statements together.

Question 1: Four friends, P, Q, R and S got the top four ranks in a competitive examination, but P did not get the first, Q did not get the second, R did not get the third, and S did not get the fourth rank. Who secured which rank?
A. Neither P nor S were among the first two positions.
B. Neither Q nor R was third or fourth.

Question 2: In a cricket match the ‘man of the match’ award is given to the player scoring the highest number of runs. In case of tie, the player (out of those locked in the tie) who has taken the higher number of catches is chosen. Even thereafter if there is a tie, the player (out of those locked in the tie) who has dropped fewer catches is selected. Amar, Akbar and Antony who were contenders for the award dropped at least one catch each. Akbar dropped 2 catches more than Amar did, scored 50, and took 2 catches. Antony got two chances to catch and dropped both. Who was the ‘man of the match’?
A. Antony made 15 runs less than both Amar and Akbar.
B. The catches taken by Amar are 3 more than the catches taken by Antony.
Question 3: A family has only one kid. The father says “after ‘x’ years, my age will be 4 times the age of my kid. “The mother says “after ‘x’ years, my age will be 3 times that of my kid. “What will be the combined ages of the parents after ‘x’ years ?
A. The age difference between the parents is 10 years.
B. After ‘x’ years, the kid is going to be twice as old as she is now.

Question 4: The members of a local club contributed equally to pay Rs. 600 towards a donation. How much did each one pay?
A. If there had been five fewer members, each one would have paid an additional Rs. 10.
B. There were at least 20 members in the club, and each one paid on more than Rs. 30.

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Answers 1: (c) Statement A: Q R S P

If P cannot come at 1st or 2nd & S also cannot come at 1st, 2nd and 4th, then S has to come at 3rd position. Now at the 2nd position, nor can P come, nor Q, nor S, therefore R comes at 2nd position. Now at 1st position Q will come and at the 4th position, P will come. Hence the first statement individually is sufficient.

Statement B: Q R S P Q has to come on 1st position, as Q is not 3 or 4 or 2nd.

R will only have 2nd position left since it cannot be 3 or 4 and 1 position is already occupied.

S will be at the 3rd position since S cannot be on 4th position and then remaining last position will be occupied by P.

Therefore, both statements are individually sufficient to answer the questions.

The correct choice is (c).

Answers 2: (d) Statement A gives that Amar and Akbar both score 50 runs but no information about number of catches taken by Amar. Statement B individually states nothing about the runs scored by Amar and Antony, but since Antony took 0 catches, hence Amar would have taken 3 catches while Akbar as given in the question has taken 2 catches.

Therefore nothing can be concluded by A individually or B individually. On combining both the statements, we have Amar as the “man of the match” since he has taken more no of catches than Akbar (since it was a tie based on no of runs scored) The correct choice is (d).

Answers 3: (a) According to the problem, we have Let the ages of father, mother and son be F, M and S respectively. (F + x) = 4 (S + x)….(i)

& (M + x) = 3 (S + x)…… (ii). Solving these equations we get,

F – M = S + x

Statement A: It gives that F – M = 10.

Thus S + x = 10.

The combined ages of father and mother after x years will be F + M + 2x.

Now if we add equations (i) and (ii), we get F + M + 2x = 7 * (S + x) = 7 * 10 = 70

Thus answer = 7 × (10) = 70 years. Statement B: S + x = 2S ⇒ S = x.

This statement does not give any conclusive answer.

So only statement A alone is enough to get the correct answer.

The correct choice is (a).

Answers 4: (a) Statement A: The equation that can be formed is 600/(x – 5) – 600/x = 10. We can solve this to get the final answer.

Statement B: Statement B does not provide sufficient data to solve the problem as actual members in the club are not stated. Hence the question can be answered on the basis on statement A alone.

The correct choice is (a).

Extra tips for logical reasoning for SNAP:
• It is very important to develop a strategy or an attempt plan that you should abide by in logical reasoning for SNAP exam.
• Use option elimination method wherever applicable to save time.
• Do not make unnecessary attempts in logical reasoning for SNAP exam as there is negative marking and it can take a toll on your potential score if you are not wise in attempting.

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