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Recommendation 1 from ‘The New York Times’

Article Name:‘How to make law school affordable’

By: ‘Brian Z. Tamanaha’

The article states that economies of legal education are completely broken, as the average debt of the law graduate is estimated at $100,000. Further, lawyers do not even earn enough that they can pay so much of debt and there are chances that many will not even be able to pay the complete debt. Article states that in law education, the debts are due to two major problems, federal loan system and accreditation standards that the law schools are forced to conform to. Article states that that there is only one way to get out of such heavy debt ridden law education system .i.e. loan system and accreditation standards need to be reformed.


It is not the state of affairs only in law education, the same must stand true for other areas of study as well. I remember having read something on similar lines about acquiring a college degree in general. Education is becoming expensive in recession and no matter how we say that education is important, it might not be an intelligent option right now.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Relief: Assistance
Accountability: Answerability
Virtually: Almost

Recommendation 2 from ‘The New York Times’

Article Name:‘Black women’s transitions to natural hair’

By: ‘Zina Saro-Wiwa’

The article is talking about a documentary that was made to show the transition of black American women’s transition from chemically straightened hair to the natural ones. Article states that over recently, vast majority of women have turned to natural hair. Further, the article states that this simple act of self-acceptance is a powerful evolution when it comes to the political expression of black. Article states that this movement of self-acceptance is much more profound and powerful and offers lessons in self-acceptance to people across various hues and genders.


It is such a simple thing that we don’t even notice. However, it is indeed much more powerful than anything. Self-acceptance is the beginning of any revolution. We say that it can lead to conflicts, but the point is more people accept themselves, more chances are there that people will also accept the diversity that is around there.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Dimension: Measurement
Remarkable: Extraordinary

Recommendation 3 from ‘Foreign Policy’

Article Name:‘Google confronts the great firewall’

By: ‘Rebecca Mackinnon’

The article is talking about a great firewall that Chinese censorship has configured in such a way that it blocks the search of all those words that have the potential to be used in sensitive or controversial texts. However at the same time what Google has done is, the search engine warns a Chinese user when he is about to use that sensitive word, as he/she types in the search engine. It states that, “”We’ve observed that searching for [the character for river] in mainland China may temporarily break your connection to Google. This interruption is outside of Google’s control.” Article states that Google is making it clear for the first time that Chinese user’s internet problems are not caused due to their connection problems, but due to the censorship system used by the government. However the article states that it is still to be seen if freedom of speech will win this time.


That is direct ad clear by Google that it really doesn’t care about China’s censorship policy, which at least I support. It is completely ridiculous that the Chinese government is taking out time and money to configure systems just to block politically sensitive words. If it so concerned about the censorship policy than perhaps the Chinese government should think giving specific timing for people to speak even. Filtering words, it must have been so taxing to build such a system in the first place.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Quintessentially: Typically
Censorship: Restriction.



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