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Reasoning for lic aao prelims: Things to know about reasoning for lic aao prelims and other important details of the exam

The LIC AAO Recruitment exams have recently undergone a change in nature. Earlier there was just an online test followed by an interview. But this has been replaced with three phases or stages. The Phase I is the Prelims, Phase II is Mains and the Phase III is the Final Interview. Apart from this there is a sectional timer introduced in each section. To crack the reasoning for lic aao prelims exam you need to be thorough with concepts and most importantly have good speed as you are required to solve 35 questions in 20 minutes. The most commonly tested areas in reasoning for lic aao prelims exam are: Analogy, Syllogisms, Coding-Decoding, Patterns and Figures, Missing Numbers, Blood Relations and Sequence and series. Apart from this there maybe question sets on arrangement, direction and ordering asked of you. Hence, to clear the cut-off in reasoning for lic aao prelims exam, extensively work on these topics for speed and accuracy.

Directions for the question set:
Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

Five cricket players Rahul, Ganguli, Kaif, Kohli and Sehwag advertise different products of different companies- Airtel, Yes, Nirma, DLF and Royal Stag, though not necessarily respectively. Keep the following conditions in mind:
• Ganguli advertises neither for Sportswear nor for Cameras.
• Rahul advertises for Shoes but not for company Airtel.
• Royal Stag and Yes produce neither Sportswear nor Watches.
• Kaif advertises for the company DLF but neither for Bikes nor for Watches.
• Kohli and Sehwag advertise for Yes and Royal Stag though not necessarily respectively.
• Airtel does not produce Bikes.

Question 1: Ganguli advertises for which company?
(a) Airtel
(b) Yes
(c) Royal Stag
(d) Data Inadequate

Question 2: Bikes are the product of which company?
(a) DLF
(b) Airtel
(c) Royal Stag
(d) Data Inadequate

Question 3: Who advertises for the company Nirma?
(a) Ganguli
(b) Rahul
(c) Kaif
(d) Data Inadequate

Question 4: Which of the Player-Product-Company combination is definitely true?
(a) Rahul-Shoes-DLF
(b) Kaif-Bikes-Airtel
(c) Ganguli-Watches-Airtel
(d) Kohli-Sportswear-Airtel

Question 5: Which of the Player-Company-Product combination according to the information given in the question is definitely false?
(a) Rahul-DLF-Shoes
(b) Sehwag-Royal Stag-Bikes
(c) Kohli-Yes-Cameras
(d) Kaif-DLF-Sportswear

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: From 3rd and 5th statements, Yes and Royal stag does not manufacture Watches/Sportswear and since these brands are with Kohli and Sehwag hence Shoes is also not with which they are engaged with (Rahul advertises for Shoes). Therefore, the only possible products with Kohli and Sehwag are Cameras and Bikes. Hence Kohli & Sehwag work with Yes/Royal Stag and advertises Cameras/Bikes though we are not sure about specific sequence. For Ganguly, shoes, cameras and bikes are already gone and from the first statement Sportswear is also gone, hence Ganguly must advertise Watches only. Kaif is with DLF and since Rahul is not with Airtel hence he is surely with Nirma (the only brand left) and consequently Ganguly is with Airtel.

The following table can be built for the information given in the question:

Answer 1: (a) Ganguli advertises for the company Airtel. The correct option is (a).

Answer 2: (d) Data inadequate as we are not sure of who among Yes/Royal Stag produces it. The correct option is (d).

Answer 3: (b) Rahul advertises for the company Nirma. The correct option is (b).

Answer 4: (c) Ganguli-Watches-Airtel is the right combination. The correct option is (c).

Answer 5: (a) The combination Rahul-DLF-Shoes is definitely false because it is given in the information in the question that Kaif advertises for DLF for Sportswear and not for shoes. The correct option is (a).

Extra tips for reasoning for lic aao prelims:
• Adopt a great speed to crack reasoning for lic aao prelims exam.
• While solving puzzles, it often happens that there are multiple possibilities in the initial steps. Make sure you account for those and do not miss considering any case.
• Make notes while preparing for reasoning for lic aao prelims exams as you can make use of these notes further in the Mains exam.

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