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This video left me in splits and the boy did suffer a ‘flashback’ for sure. He is all of a sudden transported back in time and he does comfortably slip back into his past life. The coming back of his memories can be labeled as ‘reminiscence’, in simple words, a recalling of the past.

Pronunciation: m-uh-nis-uhns

Meanings of Reminiscence:

1. A mental impression where one retains and recalls from the past. (Noun)
2. The process of remembering by putting in effort to recall events. (Noun)

Sentence Examples for Reminiscence:

1. The treachery of reminiscences is such that one does not recall something right at the moment when one needs it most.
2. All my reminiscences of my previous job pretty much involve my slogging it out for hours non-stop, on my computer, filling one excel sheet after another.

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