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Picture for TermagantMnemonic Aid to Learn Termagant:

To learn this word , try and remember the worst aunt you have who literally has no other business but to scold you . So concentrate on that Malignant (bad) Aunt to understand the meaning of this word.

Meanings of Termagant:

1. a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.
2. mythical deity popularly believed inthe Middle Ages to be worshiped by the Muslims and introduced into the morality play as a violent, overbearingpersonage in long robes.

Pronunciation: tur-muh-guhnt

Sentence Examples for Termagant:

1. The termagant woman quarreled with her husband everyday over small things.
2.The boy was very termagant, he was repremanded by the teachers.
3. Agreement with the termagant was an impossibility.

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