Trusty vs Trustee – Confused between Trusty or Trustee?

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Trusty vs Trustee – Confused between Trusty or Trustee?

Want to learn the difference between Trusty and Trustee? Trusty vs Trustee is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Trusty and when to use Trustee.

Word 1: Trustee (tru STEE)
Meaning 1: An individual person to whom power of administration of property is given legally for a specified purpose.
Example Sentence: My father is the trustee of my bank account in my absence.

Meaning 2: Any individual who occupies a position of trust.
Example Sentence: My father is dependent on the trustees and cannot control the ancestral property.

Word 2: Trusty (TRUS tee)
Meaning 1: Something that is reliable and dependable and has been used for a long time.
Example Sentence:In case I forget something during a speech, I carry my trusty notebook with me all the time.

Meaning 2: A prisoner who is trusted and is given special privileges because of good behavior.
Example Sentence:The local police station have rewarded some prisoners to access the library and considered them trusties because of their good behavior.

Example Sentence using both words:
As my trustee, my father always carries his trustee document book and jots down the details whenever he visits the bank on my behalf.

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