Scald, Scold

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Scold vs Scald – Confused between Scold or Scald?

Want to learn the difference Scold and Scald? Scold vs Scald is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.
We teach you when to use scold and when to use scald.

Word 1: Scald (SKAWLD)
Meaning 1: To burn with or as if with hot liquid or steam.
Example Sentence: He blistered with hot, scalding porridge.

Meaning 2: To bring to a temperature just below the boiling point.
Example Sentence: You don’t have to scald your skin, only warm it before cleansing it.

Word 2: Scold (SKOHLD)
Meaning 1: A woman who disturbs the public peace by noisy and quarrelsome or abusive behavior.
Example Sentence: The old man behaves like a scold, so the neighbours keep away from him.

Meaning 2: Remonstrate with or rebuke (someone) angrily.
Example Sentence: The teacher scolds the children for making noise in the class.

Example Sentence using both words:
The scold had a field day scolding the noisy children.

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