Tease, Teas & Tees

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Tease vs Teas vs Tees – Confused when to use Tease, Teas, or Tees?

Want to learn the difference Tease, Teas, and Tees? Tease vs Teas vs Tees is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Tease, Teas and Tees.

Word 1: Tease (TEEZ)
Meaning 1: To straighten out a tangled situation; to find something useful from a mass of irrelevant information.
Example Sentence: The historian teased out the truth, by reading various books of that time.

Meaning 2: To make someone angry by engaging, annoying behaviour.
Example Sentence: Eve teasing is one of India’s major issues.

Meaning 3: Gently comb (wool, hair etc) into separate strands
Example Sentence: Kelly was teasing out the curls into her usual hairstyle after the party.

Meaning 4: To tantalize but not to fulfill the expectations so aroused.
Example Sentence: The smell of fresh samosas teased my appetite, but since I was on a diet, I couldn’t even taste it.

Word 2: Teas (TEEZ)
Meaning 1: Product prepared from the leaves of the tea plant.
Example Sentence: The store in my locality sells a variety of teas to the customers.

Word 3: Tees (TEEZ)
Meaning 1: A small peg with a concave head that can be placed on the ground to support a golf ball.
Example Sentence: Sam carried some extra tees in his pocket in case some get broken during the game.

Example Sentence using all the words:
On the way to the golf course, I was constantly teased by my friends for carrying a lot of tees in my pocket. Later, at the tea party, I explained them why I did so.

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