Tail vs Tale – Confused between Tail or Tale?

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Tail vs Tale – Confused between Tail or Tale?

Want to learn the difference between Tail and Tale? Tail vs Tale is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Tail and when to use Tale.

Word 1: Tale (TAYL)
Meaning 1: A story either based on fact or fiction.
Example Sentence: Panchatantra is India’s ancient Sanskrit collection of tales, containing moral lessons for the kids.

Meaning 2: The telling of an imaginative event, orally or in printed form.
Example Sentence: Mythology often comprises tales that try to explain puzzling natural phenomenon beyond human comprehension.

Meaning 3: Gossip or stories that can be derogatory.
Example Sentence: We should always refrain ourselves from telling tales about other people which we know nothing about.

Word 2: Tail (TAYL)
Meaning 1: The lower or rear end of something.
Example Sentence: While coming out of the car, my dog’s tail got caught in a closing door.

Meaning 2: To follow a suspect, to keep an eye on a person.
Example Sentence: The police had to tail the suspect for two hours, before they finally caught him.

Meaning 3: To become fainter.
Example Sentence: My interest in playing the piano tailed off over the years.

Example Sentence using both words:
My sister wrote a tale about a cat’s tail, for which she won the second prize in her school.

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