Tare, Tare, Tear & Tare

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Tare vs Tear vs Tears vs Tier – Confused when to use Tare, Tear,Tears, Tier?

Want to learn the difference Tare, Tear,Tears and Tier? TarevsTearvsTears vs Tier is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Tare, Tear,Tears and Tier.

Word 1: Tare (TAIR)
Meaning 1: Something that is undesirable, usually a weed.
Example Sentence: There was lot of tare in the field, so the farmer decided to cut it off.

Meaning 2: The empty weight of any container, used for weight measurements.
Example Sentence: The merchant found that the tare weight of 360 liters of pallet is 100 pounds.

Word 2: Tear(TAIR)
Meaning 1: To destroy or separate by force.
Example Sentence: Sam usually tears apart the packet of chips as soon as he gets it and eats itall by himself.

Meaning 2: To injure someone by pulling apart something.
Example Sentence: My ligament pain was so acute that I felt that someone was trying to tear my foot apart from my leg.

Meaning 3: To move quickly or with haste.
Example Sentence: I started to tear down the road at high speed during the last 100 meters of my marathon.

Word 3: Tear, Tears(TIR, TEER; TEERZ)
Meaning 1: A drop of liquid that comes out of the eyes.
Example Sentence: When beaten up by her mother, tears would roll down her cheeks.

Meaning 2: Outbreak of liquid from the eyes as an expression of some emotion.
Example Sentence:On winning the million dollars, there were tears of happiness and satisfactionin Ryan’s eyes.

Word 4: Tier(TIR, TEER)
Meaning 1: Rows or layers of something arranged in an ascending order.
Example Sentence: I sat on the last tier of chairs in the cinema hall.

Example Sentence using all the words:
Running in the three –tiered garden ,a wild tare stuck to my feet, tearing the skin apart bringing tears to my eyes.

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