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examples of root words
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A root of any word holds the most basic meaning of the word; it is what is left after you remove the prefixes and the suffixes. In your daily life, you might come across many words with different roots, it’s important to know the meaning of these words before you can guess the meaning of the said word. In this article, we provide to you a dictionary of important roots which will help in knowing a lot of difficult roots and eventually enhance your vocabulary.

Root Words Dictionary for Important Roots

Root Words Meaning of the rootsRelated Words
Ambi, amphiboth, on both sides, aroundAmbidextrous – able to use both hands equally;

Ambiguous – having more than one meaning;

Ambivalence – conflicting or opposite feelings toward a person or thing

Anthrop/ohumanAnthropology – the study of mankind; Anthropomorphism – giving human form to non-human things;

Philanthropy – the love to mankind

AutoSelfAutomatic – Working by itself

Autonomous –  self-governed

Benegood, wellBenefactor – person who gives money to a cause;

Beneficial – producing a good effect;

Benevolent – showing kindness or goodwill


Bi/ntwo, twice, once in every twoBinoculars – optical device with two lenses; Bilateral – of or involving two sides

Biannual – happening twice a year;

ChronotimeChronology – Study of events in the order of their occurrence

Chronograph – Instrument that records time with high accuracy

CardioheartCardiology – Branch of medicine dealing with the heart

Cardiovascular – Pertaining to the heart and blood vessels

Duc/tLeadConduct – to lead musicians in playing music; Educate – to lead to knowledge;

Deduction – a subtraction of an amount.

Dem/oPeopleDemocracy – government of the people; Demographic – the study of people;

Epidemic – spreading among people in a region

Ethnorace, peopleEthnic – pertaining to a defined group of people; Ethnocentric – focusing on the ethnicity of people;

Ethnology – the science of people and races.

EgoSelfEgoistic – self-centered;

Alter ego – a higher aspect of oneself;

Egomania – excessive preoccupation with oneself.

Forein front of, previous, earlierForebear – ancestor;

Forebode – to give an advance warning of something bad;

Forecast – a preview of events to be.

Fugflee, run away, escapeFugitive – a person who is running away;

Refuge – a sheltered place to flee to;

Refugee – a person seeking protection



StomachGastritis – Inflammation of the stomach lining

Gastroenterologist – Doctor specialized in the study of stomach and intestinal disorders

HepaLiverHepatitis – Inflammation of the liver

Hepatic – Relating to the liver

HeptSevenHeptagon – Figure with seven sides

Heptathlon – Athletic event having seven events

InterbetweenInterconnect – Connect with each other

Interdepend – Depend on each other

within, insideIntrastate – existing in one state;

Intravenous – inside or into a vein;

Introvert – shy person who keeps within him/herself.

IrnotIrredeemable – not redeemable;

Irreformable – not reformable;

Irrational – not rational.

JudlawJudgment – a decision of a court of law;

Judicial – having to do with judges or courts of law;

Judiciary – a system of courts of law.

JunctjoinConjunction – a word that joins parts of sentences;

Disjunction – a disconnection;

Junction – a place where two things join.

KilothousandKilogram – Thousand grams

Kilolitre – Thousand litres

Loqu, locuspeakEloquent – speaking beautifully and forcefully ; Loquacious – very talkative;

Elocution – art of public speaking.

LuminlightIlluminate – to fill with light;

Lumen – unit measuring light.

Macrolarge, greatMacroevolution – large scale evolution; Macromolecule – a large molecule; Macroeconomics – study of the overall forces of economy.
Magn/a/igreat, largeMagnify – make larger;

Magnificent – grand;

Magnate – a powerful person, especially in business or industry.

NarrTellNarrate – To tell a story

Narrator – Person who tells a story.

NovNewNovelty – Newness or originality

Novice – Beginner

OctEightOctagon – Figure with eight sides

Octave – Stanza of eight lines

OcuEyeOcular – Connected with the eyes

Oculist – Specialist in the medical treatment of eye disorders

OmniAllOmnipresent – Present everywhere at the same time

Omnivorous – Eating all kinds of foods

PurgcleanPurge – remove anything undesirable;

Purgatory – place where souls must clean themselves of sin;

Expurgate – remove objectionable passages from a publication.

PutthinkComputer – an electronic thinking device; Dispute – to disagree with what another person thinks;

Input – contribution of one’s thinking.

Pyr/ofire, heatPyrotechnics – the art of making fireworks; Pyrometer – a thermometer for measuring high temperature;

Pyretic – relating to or producing fever.

Quad/r/rifourQuadrant – open space with buildings on 4 sides;

Quadrennium – period of 4 years;

Quadruped – a 4-footed animal.

QuartfourthQuarter – one fourth;

Quart – a fourth of a gallon;

Quartet – a musical composition or group involving 4 voices or instruments.

Retrobackward, backRetroactive – relating to something in the past; Retrogress – to go back to an earlier condition; Retrospect – the remembering of past events.
RidLaughDeride – to make fun of someone;

Ridicule – to make fun or mock;

Ridiculous – silly, causing laughter.

StructBuildConstruct – to build;

Destruction – the act of destroying something that was built;

Structure – something built;

Infrastructure – underlying framework of a system.

TransAcrossTranspacific – Across the Pacific Ocean

Transnational – Across national boundaries

TriThreeTriangle – Figure with three sides

Triathlon – Athletic event having three events

UniOneUnitarian – People who believes God is one person

Unique – One of a kind

VinceConquerInvincible – One who cannot be conquered

Convince – Persuade a person

How should you learn using Root Word Dictionary?

Keep this detailed A to Z root word dictionary handy whenever you come across unknown words or roots and learn new words from this. You should also try to remember words by grouping them as per the word root.

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