CAT 2022 : An Extensive Root Words List

Word roots for English
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What does this article on Root Words List consist of? In order to learn more and more words, you need to do two things regularly: firstly read more and more to come across new words and secondly group the words so that you can retain them easily. One amazing method that helps you do this is learning through a root words list. When you go through a root words list, you tend to come across new or unfamiliar words, and at the same time, you see that the words are grouped as per the word root, which will help you to remember the words easily. In this article, we provide to you different Greek and Latin roots along with their meaning. This root words list also contains various words that are made from the given root and the meaning of these words. One interesting thing that you will note in this root words list is that the words which are based on the same root will have similar meaning.

The following Root Words List has different important Root words along with their meaning. Check out this Root Words List to remember and retain words.

Root Words List along with the detailed meaning of Roots

Root: macro
Meaning: large, great
Words and Their Meaning: macroevolution – large scale evolution; macromolecule – a large molecule; macroeconomics – study of the overall forces of economy.

Root: mob
Meaning: move
Words and Their Meaning: immobilize – to stop from moving; mobile – able to move freely; mobility – the quality of being able to move.
Root: neo
Meaning: new, recent
Words and Their Meaning: neoclassic – a revival of classic form, neocolonialism – the indirect (“new”) economical and political control of a region by a more powerful foreign power; neonatal – a newborn child, especially the first few weeks.

Root: merge, mers
Meaning: dip, dive
Words and Their Meaning: immerge or immerse – to put or dip something into a liquid; submerge to dip something completely into water

Root: nav
Meaning: ship
Words and Their Meaning: circumnavigate – to sail around a place; naval – relating to a navy or warships; navigate – to sail a ship through a place.

Root: miss, mit
Meaning: send, let go
Words and Their Meaning: dismiss – to send someone away; missile – a weapon sent into the air; emit – to send something out; admittance – entry.

Root: mon/o
Meaning: one, single
Words and Their Meaning: monochromat – having one color; monologue – a speech spoken by one person; monotheism – belief in one god.

Root: morph/o
Meaning: form
Words and Their Meaning: metamorphosis – complete change of form; endorphins – chemical in the brain able to transform pain; amorphous – without distinct shape or form.

Root: necr/o
Meaning: dead, death
Words and Their Meaning: necrophil – loving death; necrosis – the death of tissue due to disease or injury; necrology – a list of persons who have recently died.

Root: mort
Meaning: death
Words and Their Meaning: immortal – living forever, unable to die; mortal – certain to die; mortician – an undertaker.

Root: multi
Meaning: many, more than one or two
Words and Their Meaning: multicolored – having many colors; multimedia – using a range of media; multitasking – doing many things at once.

Root: melan/o
Meaning: black
Words and Their Meaning: melancholy – a state of dark emotions; melanoma – malignant dark tumor of the skin; melodrama – a dark, pathetic drama.

Root: mega
Meaning: great, large, million
Words and Their Meaning: megalopolis – an area with many nearby cities; megaphone – a device that projects a loud voice; mega structure – huge building or other structure.

Root: memor/i
Meaning: remember
Words and Their Meaning: commemorate – to honor the memory of, as by a ceremony; memorial – related to remembering a person or event; memory: an ability to retain knowledge or an individual’s stock of retained knowledge.

Root: nat
Meaning: born
Words and Their Meaning: innate – included since birth; natal – relating to birth; natural – gotten at birth, not afterward.

Root: matr/i
Meaning: mother
Words and Their Meaning: maternal – relating to motherhood; maternity – the state of being a mother; matriarch – a woman head of a household.

Root: mot, mov
Meaning: move
Words and Their Meaning: motion – the act of moving; motivate – to move someone to action; promote to move someone forward; removable – able to be taken or carried away.

Root: mal/e
Meaning: bad, ill, wrong
Words and Their Meaning: malcontent – wrong content; malaria – “bad air”, infectious disease thought to originate from the “bad air” of the swamps, but caused by the bite of an infected mosquito; malicious – showing strong ill will.

How should you learn using Root Words List?
In this section of Root Words List, we have listed various word roots along with their meaning and origin. You can use this section to expand your vocabulary and build on your word root knowledge.

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