Scalp, Scalping, Scalpel

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Scalp vs Scalping vs Scalpel – Confused when to use Scalp, Scalping, or Scalpel?

Want to learn the difference Scalp, Scalping, and Scalpel? Scalp vs Scalping vs Scalpel is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use scalp, scalping and scalpel.

Word 1: Scalp, scalping (SKALP, SKALP ing)
Meaning 1: The skin covering the head, excluding the face.
Example Sentence: She was in the habit of oiling her scalp daily.

Meaning 2:The scalp with the hair belonging to it, cut or torn away from an enemy’s head as a battle trophy, a former practice among American Indians.
Example Sentence: The tribals hung the scalps of their enemies in their bridles.

Meaning 3: To remove the hair and skin from the head of (an enemy) as a sign of victory
Example Sentence:The scalps were dried after the warriors brought them back.

Meaning 4: Resell (shares or tickets) at a large or quick profit.
Example Sentence: At times tickets were scalped for twenty times their value outside the stadium.

Word 2: Scalpel (SKAL puhl)
Meaning 1: A knife with a small, sharp, sometimes detachable blade, as used by a surgeon.
Example Sentence: The surgeon used the scalpel with absolute precision.

Example Sentence using all the words:
His scalp was sore from the scalpel the quack used for which he scalped the tickets of the cricket match from him.

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