picture vocabulary for alacrityI remember how my mom used to promise me an ice-cream and I would complete my homework on time with alacrity. There is a cheerful willingness to complete my work and have my chocolate ice-cream. Alacrity is when we do things with liveliness, quickness or cheerful willingness. If all our tasks are accompanied with joys of ice-cream and stuff, we sure would do our tasks with a briskness which is hard to imagine otherwise.

Pronunciation: uh-lak-ri-tee

The dictionary definitions for alacrity are as follows:
1. Cheerful willingness
2. Speed or quickness
3. Liveliness; briskness

Master tip to learn the word:
Alacrity can be learnt by crity which can be related to creativity. All creative people are eager or willing to create different things.

Usage Examples
1. The local police responded with purpose and alacrity.
2. We accepted the invitation with alacrity.
3. They would rush to the spot with alacrity, and ask only to be told what to do.
4. There’s also a battle mode in the game, the object being to whack the other players with speed and alacrity.

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