Picture for MetamorphosisMetamorphosis is a transformation, a change that transforms a person or a thing completely. These can good or bad, depending upon the situation. Our word poster is a typical example of metamorphosis: we all know how the Hulk transforms himself, don’t we? In fact a number of comic characters are based on the same phenomenon of metamorphosis.

Pronunciation: met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis

Meaning of metamorphosis: (Noun)

1) Transformation or change over
2) Something that is characterised by a change in any way

Mnemonic aid to learn metamorphosis:

Metamorphosis can be learnt easily by associating the word to any movie with a story line where the actress was earlier an ugly duckling, but one day she is shown to be really beautiful. This transformation from ugly duckling to a beautiful girl can also be called metamorphosis.

Usage of metamorphosis:

1) Metamorphosis from a small business to a business spanning over various counties has taken a lot of hard work.
2) Life is all about various metamorphoses at various stages until the last day. (Plural)

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